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Monday, July 10, 2006

Unintentional Comedy

Unintentional comedy comes in many shapes and sizes, and it is one of humanity's greatest gifts to...well...other humanity I suppose. It's funny how your brain works, but especially when you have the mental make-up of a mid-pubescent junior high school male, as myself and many of my friends happen to have. Hops remarked to me the other day (not that he's in this category -- but he is) how he saw a headline to the effect of "Crack Found in Space Shuttle Fuel Tank" and thought immediately about an imaginary Onion article with the same title, and started composing one in his head, no doubt investigating which South American country had financed the new shuttle and if said crack was to be brought into outer space to create a new market. I have to admit that I saw the same story but did not immediately turn the title this way in my mind. It took several seconds, actually.

I must be growing as a person.

Unfortunately, I still giggle whenever anyone uses the word 'duty'.

You can imagine why I was unable to turn away from this story I saw a headline for recently:
"Taking Sex From Films Violates Copyright Laws"

Last night on the Food Network, there was a classic unintentional comedy moment. It was Iron Chef America with Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Hannah Storm was a judge, and the secret ingredient was frozen peas. Shockingly all of this was perfectly normal. The fun began when one of the other pseudo-celebrity (and by this I mean she was not in the enormously useless catalog of celebrities in my head) judges was sampling some of the dishes from the challenger, who was doing a bunch of African-inspired dishes featuring the pea, including the frozen pea popsicle for dessert (yum? I can't decide). Anyway, peas were included in all his dishes, but were more of an accessory, and not necessarily the focal point, which is apparently a no-no in Iron Chef America. He got his ass whomped by Bobby Flay in the end, although I suspect there may have been match fixing going on, a la the Italian soccer scandal. The challenger's sous chef looked like he wasn't mincing OR chopping with usual vigor, so I'm pretty sure he was doing the cooking equivalent of point-shaving. But this poor nobody of a taste tester uttered almost this exact phrase when rendering her judgement of the contender's preparations:

"I really enjoyed all your dishes, but it just seems like I didn't experience the pea-ness enough."

Wait for it.

And giggle.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Frankie said...

It took me a second...but I got there! heeeeee!

At 5:56 AM, Blogger Kaiser said...

How did I know Frankie would appreciate this story?

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Hops said...

My favorite all-time Iron Chef America moment (and boy are there many) is when Bobby Flay ran through an entire episode with a herpes sore on his lip. They tried to cover it up...but it was right there for all the world to see. Bobby Flay is hoochie.


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