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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Pooh has thrown down the guantlet, and since I "cleverly" ignored his last guantlet-down-throwing, I suppose I should compromise by accepting the challenge this time around. Without further ado, the Meme of Four:

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life: Biomedical Engineer/Scientist, Teaching Assistant, Bartender, Semi-pro Basketball Player (mind you, not Play-ah)

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over: Varsity Blues, Caddyshack, Contact, Good Will Hunting

Four Places I've Lived: Dinkytown; Tonka; Northfield, MN; Iowa City, IA

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: Scrubs, Lost, Daily Show, Family Guy

Four Places I've Been On Vacation: Hilton Head; Italy; Hawaii; Golf Course, USA

Four Websites I Visit Daily: Slashdot, McSweeney's, CollegeHumor, In the Pipeline

Four of My Favorite Foods: Prime Rib, Hollandaise, Mulligatawny, Yosemite Sandwiches

Four Places I'd Rather Be: Costa Rica, Cinqueterra, Douro, Arbor Brew Company

Four Albums I Can't Live Without: Clapton Unplugged, Mermaid Avenue (Billy Bragg and Wilco cover Guthrie), Oh Inverted World (Shins), Folsom Prison (Cash)

Hops, I nominate you next, if you're up to the task...


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