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Friday, March 31, 2006

Reorganization, Biyatches

Heya kids! As you have no doubt (not) noticed, I have just recently reorganized the sidebar a skosh, since my semi-OCD alarm bells were ritually going off everytime I scrolled down the page. They are now organzied, as Rob Gordon would say..."autobiographically". I have never quite understood what that means, but I suspect it is something to the effect of "whatever the hell you want it to mean". More accurately, it probably refers to those items' relative importance and order in your mind, for whatever reason. They are arranged now in a way that has quieted the demons in my head, those same demons that caused my H&R-Block-working, eyebrow-pierced, NASCAR-jacket-wearing, chain-smoking (assumption) tax advisor to coo soothingly about the relative tidiness of my 2005 tax documents the other night. She didn't know that they were arranged in their vanilla folders with headings that made sense only to me. Doesn't everyone file pornography receipts under "Fuel"? Incidentally, I highly advise being an independent contractor or running your own business from home. Can you say "entertainment expenses"!?

A few new additions have been made to the blogroll and to the links section, including Eternal Freshman (a hilarious 80's obsessed, chain dating, super woman with the mouth of a dirty sailor -- take notice Frankie and Diablo, you have competition), Bad News Hughes (I can't even explain this one past "random" and "hilarious"-- go check it out yourself and definitely hit the archives), the famous Dooce (an ex-Mormon mom who was fired for blogging about work and coined the term "dooced" meaning "fired for blogging about work" -- what are the odds?), and something a little of the beaten (humor) path, Freedarko (an existential NBA love covenant with an emphasis on style, hip-hop/jazz, and the Slovenian Farm League). A little something for everybody.

In addition, I've recently decided to take my vanity up a notch, and make this blog a bit more personal. I do reserve the right, of course, to post non-sensical random tripe, celebrity worship, and links bonanzas still from time to time. Feel free to wipe the sweat from your brow at this point. In addition to the content of posts, this change may or may not also include such random items in the sidebar as the Top 5 Celebrities Boom-Boom List. That's the one where you make a deal with your significant other that if you ever randomly run into any of those A-listers you are allowed to make with the fist-fist-wink-wink, and absolutely consequence free. Right. The caveat is that the list cannot change once said agreement has been made. Seeing as how I'm currently unattached, I will feel free to make changes as the situation dictates. And by "situation", I mean hormonal surges.

So enjoy, and hopefully the 23 post ideas I have percolating will coalesce in the form of legible words in a cogent string soon.

Until then.


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