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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Working For the Weekend

A little gift for you all for the weekend as my posting has been reasonably non-existent here lately due to profound amounts of work and the way that warm (finally) weather causes my brain to expand in its bony case, disrupting neural pathways and causing severe dilusions where I think that this will finally be the year that my short game materializes and I shoot even par. I realize the weekend doesn't begin tomorrow. My skull isn't THAT small. But for me it is a Friday today, as wedding activities take precendent tomorrow and it is a day off and early start to the weekend for me.

Pooh and I will be doing at least 6, if not all of the above dances this weekend as our college friend E is getting married. No, he's not the E from Entourage, but he is a reasonable approximation. Actually, check that. He's more like Vince, since our E has at least two television credits to his name, both of the reality variety. I'm sure he'll be very proud of his own work in say 13-15 years when he has teenage kids that will be thoroughly embarrased by the whole debacle.

"Hey daddy? No one really bought the virginal angle when you were on this pseudo-reality reality show, did they? And why do you keep quoting Shakespeare? "

Also appearing at this wedding will be (as mentioned by Pooh earlier) WS, otherwise known as Wally Szerbiak. He is allegedly a groomsman and hilarity is almost certainly going to ensue. Tall tales to follow...


At 7:35 PM, Blogger The Eternal Freshman said...

Dude- thank you for my gift! That is brilliant.

At 10:55 AM, Blogger MillerTime said...

Does Wally have an entourage that he brings with him to social events?

Please take a couple of pictures of Wally and send them to me so I can photoshop them and make incriminating allegations towards him.


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