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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Reorganization (Addendum)

Update to yesterday's post:

I forgot to mention yesterday that I've added Chuck Klosterman to the sidebar. He's an irregular columnist (by that I mean "infrequent" -- I can't vouch for the capabilities of his bowels) for ESPN.com, and also "author of "Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story" and is a senior writer for Spin magazine and columnist for Esquire." He comes at sports from a more pop culture and sociological perspective, which I'm starting to appreciate more and more when it comes to my personal filter for why things are entertaining/valuable or not or why they're worthy topics of conversation (P.S. This is definitely the case for Freedarko, as well). I haven't read either of his books (he has two, maybe three), although I did buy the one that was mentioned above for my sister for Christmas.

Digression: Buying books for the holidays is genius. All you have to do is think about all the books that are on your Unofficial Mental Reading List and then decide who would enjoy them most in your immediate family or friends and give them to those people. The best part is that once they're finished with them, you can "borrow" them back and read them from yourself. I can't believe I didn't think of this years ago. And plus, books are Good For You. They're like LDL cholesterol for the brain or something. Mental Oat Bran? I'm reaching here, and what's Good For You changes with each monthly addition of the New England Journal of Medicine anyway.

Back on topic, here a teaser. Chuck's most recent post is about the how the public's expectations of professional athletes are totally hypocritical. He refers specfically to the Winter Olympics and Bode Miller. The basic premise is that we all think we don't like Bode Miller because he doesn't appear to care about winning. We think it's "cute" when we hear about how hypercompetitive Michael Jordan was, cheating at cards, and trying to beat you at anything remotely resembling competition. If you knew someone in your real life like this, say at work, you would totally think they were douchetacular urinesniffer. If you WERE Bode Miller in real life, you'd probably think you have a pretty good life going. You just ski however the hell you want to and rake in the endorsement money from health insurance companies and High Times magazine. I think Chuck has a point.


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