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Friday, January 06, 2006

This Internet thing really seems to be catching-on.

Somehow I’ve made “contributor” status without actually doing anything. I suppose I should remedy, and this pre-made survey seems like a good way to gently spread my wings and soar into the blog’o’sphere. Does this mean Chicks is next?

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life: Manure Lifter, Dish Washer, Corporate Sell-Out, Apple Guru
Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over: The Godfather (Two is NOT better, damn it), Beautiful Girls, L.A. Story, Good Will Hunting
Four Places I've Lived: Suburbia (counts for two), Houston TX, Minneapolis proper
Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: Scrubs, West Wing (yes, still), My Name Is Earl, Twins Baseball (While I still had cable; The Iron Chef, SportsCenter, West Wing, Scrubs…and Twins Baseball)
Four Places I've Been On Vacation: Ireland, Sonoma, The Las Vegas of Indiana, Crazy Mountains
Four Websites I Visit Daily; espn.com, startribune.com, citypages.com, adultdvdempire.com
Four of My Favorite Foods: French bread, sharp cheese, chewy peanut butter cookies, hummus
Four Places I'd Rather Be: Kinsale, Nerja, hot tub, March (in front of a big screen t.v.)
Four Albums I Can't Live Without: Concert in the Park (Simon), Escondida (Jolie Holland), Murder (From the Love, God, Murder J.Cash set), Black on Both Sides (Mos Def)

What about Books? No one likes books anymore? For Whom The Bell Tolls, Atlas Shrugged, The Corrections, Peace Like a River


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Kaiser said...

The Corrections, really? That's depressing...good book, but depressing. Good call on the books though. Here're mine (is that a legal contraction English majors?:

Catch 22, Prayer For Owen Meaney, Atlas Shrugged (cowering), and the first 238 pages of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Hops said...

I was considering the "Heatbreaking..." angle as well...but what I really screwed up is not having any Vonnegut in there somewhere. I don't care that 90% of his stuff is the same as something he's already written...I'm a sucker for him.


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