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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where I Been

Still no native american summer in sight here, and if anything, the weather's gotten worse today. El nino, my ass. Why is there no name for when winter comes early? I'm going with bushmen of the Kalahari winter.

But to continue where I left off yesterday, it has been an eventful couple of months. In July, Chicks and I were "evicted" by our soon-to-be-married friend from his humble home where we have lived and loved for two years. Mostly lived. It was in a borderline suburb, an inner ring if you will, and I for one will miss smoking cigars on the hammock out in the backyard, and the most athletically compromised cat of all time. But I guess you have to grow up sometime. Now we live right in the thick of the action, with numerous establishments serving spirited beverages within stumbling distance. They're building condos everywhere now here, in Minneapolis' new manifest destiny program, "A condo and mule for every urban settler." We got pretty fortunate, I think, to find such a great apartment (1050 sq ft, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and his and hers front doors) in a really great neighborhood, for a very affordable price. Being a wiley veteran of Craigslist, it wasn't even that difficult. I also found some free plaid paving stones which I will use to tile Chicks' bedroom as a practical joke. He loves remodelling-related humor.

My current one-year contract with the company I work for is coming to an end soon. And I recently recieved the unfortunate news that another temporary position in a different part of the company that I had interviewed for and recieved insider information on (but not in a Gordon Gecko way) that I was first in line for was offered to someone else who was a little more affordable. That was probably the best run on sentence I've ever written. Apparently I priced myself right out of the job, much like Latrell Sprewell. However, not too worry, because things are looking up. I just recieved a new job offer in my inbox from a Lesley Pickens containing an astounding number of exclamation points! Apparently I can make like mid six figures while I work at home. Booyah!

(to be continued)


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